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The George Washington Taggart Family Organization actively seeks to extend the genealogical record of the Taggart Family and all relatives of George Washington Taggart whether ancestors or modern. Generations of researchers have contributed to a substantial genealogy, only a small portion of which is presented here. If you are interested in the genealogy or history of the Taggart or any related family or would like to share in the work on these genealogies, we would very much like to hear from you. Please contact us through our Director of Family History Representatives:

Rick McConkie
PO Box 702094
West Valley, UT 84070

(801) 966-0537

Online Charts

Pedigree of George Washington Taggart

Family of Washington Taggart & Susannah Law
George Washington Taggart's Parents
Family of George Washington Taggart & Harriet Atkins Bruce

Family of George Washington Taggart & Fanny Parks

Family of George Washington Taggart & Clarissa Marina Rogers

Online Pedigrees

The pedigrees of George Washington Taggart and each of his wives are available here in a format designed for presentation on the Web. While they are different from the pedigree charts and family group sheets that genealogists are so accustomed to, the Web pages contain all the same information. You will quickly become familiar with the Web format by simply exploring the pages. The pages were created by Personal Ancestral File 4.0, the new Windows version of PAF which is available for free download. The data files used were those available for download at the links below in the Genealogy Computer Files section of this page, and were originally downloaded from the Ancestral File database.

George Washington Taggart

Harriet Atkins Bruce was GWT's first wife.

Fanny Parks was GWT's second wife.

Clarissa Marina Rogers was GWT's third wife. There are questions about several details of the pedigree presented here and those with different information or with a desire to assist in researching and refining the pedigree are encouraged to contact us through the Director of Family History Representatives, Rick McConkie.

Genealogy Computer Files

Many have asked for copies of the GWT genealogy in computer files that can be used with popular genealogy software programs. The files accessible below are in GEDCOM format, a nearly universal file type specifically designed for sharing genealogy files. They were downloaded from Ancestral File. All contain pedigrees that start with either GWT or one of his wives and extend backward in time to their ancestors.

Genealogy work is rarely finished and rarely perfect. There is always much to do in extending pedigrees, finding all family members, adding detail and verifying, documenting and correcting work that has already been done. Dedicated Taggart family genealogists and others have expended countless loving hours to gather the information available in the following files. In this painstaking process some questions and some errors have been identified in parts of these genealogies. In the months to come, as a result of continued research to resolve the inevitable uncertainties, we believe some changes will probably be made. Therefore, you should appreciate these pedigrees as the best currently available but should check back from time to time for the additions and corrections that are a routine part of genealogy research.

You can download the following files to your computer and import them into your genealogy program. Each file is available in two forms: 1.) A plain, ordinary GEDCOM file and 2.) A compressed GEDCOM file in Zip format. Zip files are a common way of making files smaller so they download faster. If you already know about Zip files and are set up to use them, those we provide will work fine. If you aren't sure, download the plain GEDCOM files. Click on the file you want to download. When asked what do do with the file, save it to disk. Make note of where on your hard disk the file is going so that later you can locate it to import it into your genealogy program.

George Washington Taggart and Ancestors
Plain GEDCOM file: GWTAGGAR.GED (239,720 bytes)
Compressed GEDCOM file: GWTAGGAR.ZIP (42,880 bytes)
Harriet Atkins Bruce Taggart, Child and Ancestors
Plain GEDCOM file: HABRUCE.GED (462,160 bytes)
Compressed GEDCOM file: HABRUCE.ZIP (84,040 bytes)
Fanny Parks Taggart, Children and Ancestors
Plain GEDCOM file: FPARKS.GED (796,862 bytes)
Compressed GEDCOM file: FPARKS.ZIP (145,361 bytes)
Clarissa Marina Rogers Taggart, Children and Ancestors
Plain GEDCOM file: CROGERS.GED (813,606 bytes)
Compressed GEDCOM file: CROGERS.ZIP (147,245 bytes)


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