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The links below will take you to other pages on the World Wide Web. Some are Taggart-family-related and others deal with more general topics that many of us enjoy pursuing. We provide these links to enrich your pursuit of our family history. There is a great deal of  reliable information on the Internet and some that is not. As with anything on the Web the accuracy and completeness of the information on these sites should be verified before relying on it and the information may often point the way to further study. If you have suggestions for additions or deletions to this list of links please send them to the Webmaster.

We are a "Scots-Irish" family. Our Scottish ancestors emigrated from Scotland to northern Ireland and spent some 100 years there before coming to America during Colonial times. Mac is Gaelic for son (of) and was used in both Scotland and Ireland. In Scotland names such as Mac Taggart are now often abbreviated taking a form such as McTaggart. The prefixes Mac and Mc are prevalent in both countries. Though not common, there are still McTaggarts in Scotland. In Ireland the name could have easily been Mac Taggart. Apparently The Mac was dropped, a very prevalent practice, and the name became simply Taggart, a comparatively common Irish name. Whether GWT descendants are related to any given Taggart family can only be established through research. It is fascinating to consider, however, that we are surely related to numerous cousins spread around the world today through distant common ancestors. If you're a visitor to this site and suspect connections between your family and ours, please contact us. As you visit the pages below, be sure to set a bookmark or favorite for this page so you can find your way back here no matter how far you journey. Usually the simplest way to return to this page is by using your browser's Back button.

Goodrich Family Organization We are pleased to provide convenient access to this GWT family site. From the website: "Albert Gardner Goodrich was born May 1, 1871, in Mt. Carmel, Kane County, Utah. His father was George Albert Goodrich, his mother Harriet Maria Taggart Goodrich." Harriet Maria was the first child of GWT and Fanny Parks and was named for GWT's first wife, Harriet Atkins Bruce, who died too young at just 23, in Nauvoo. All Taggarts will enjoy this website and we hope some will be inspired to pursue similar efforts for other branches of the family.

Cyndi's List Here is the largest, busiest site on the Net for cataloguing other genealogy sites. As of this writing Cyndi lists over 250,000 genealogy links and her list grows daily. This is a great place to start your Web-based genealogy work but it will take you some time to become familiar with all that is here.

FamilySearch This site from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is based on the church's vast holdings of genealogical information and is an incredibly powerful place for searching out ancestors. When first opened to the public in May 1999 it contained data on over 400 million names and hundreds of millions more are coming. Individual bits if information, such as a birth date can be found here but linked pedigrees are available as well. FamilySearch facilitates collaboration with others having similar research interests and even has links to family websites.

"Our Scotch-Irish Heritage" One family's interpretation and condensation of history pertaining to the emigration of large numbers of Scots to northern Ireland, many of whom in turn sailed to America. Our Taggart family is a part of this migration.

Rogers' Ancestry Here is a definite tie-in to our family for those who descend from Clarissa Marina Rogers. Bryant Rogers of Vienna, Virginia has placed his pedigree on this page and with some effort you will be able to see that we share common ancestors with him. Bryant's work has produced some differences with the pedigree that we show here on the GWT website. It is important to resolve these differences and Bryant's research points to several specific places that need further work to confirm or correct them. If you are interested in joining the research effort on the Rogers line please contact one of the Rogers Family History Representatives through our Director, Rick McConkie.

William Brigham Parkinson Sr. The first child of George Washington Taggart and Clarissa Marina Rogers was Clarissa Marina Taggart. She married William B. Parkinson, a physician in Logan, Utah. They had seven children before she died in 1903 at the age of 45. Descendants are urged to contact Ben Parkinson, webmaster, with biographical material, photographs or other items that might contribute to his compilation of the family history.

Taggart Genealogy Pages Fascinating and well-crafted pages by Nicole Taggart, who says "My hometown is Ballymoney in Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland - a nice market town on the main road/rail communications linking Belfast and Londonderry." There may or may not be a connection between our family and Nicole's but you will be rewarded for browsing through her site in any case. If you click your way to her Ireland pages you can even find some authentic recipes. Whether your interest is genealogy or simply learning more about Ireland, be sure to visit Nicole's links page.

Taggart Surname Resource Center If you are doing Taggart genealogy or family history research a visit to this site is essential. Our good friend (don't know if we're related) Bob Taggart has spent a great deal of time assembling the information here and introduces it thus: "The purpose of this site is twofold. First, it is a single surname research and registration database for all Taggart family members (by birth) world wide both living and dead. Secondly, to provide links to Taggart web pages or other sites of general genealogical interest."

The U.S. Mormon Battalion, Inc. Website of an international organization whose purpose, among others, is: "To fulfill the prophecy of Brigham Young, in 1855, that men and nations should hold the men and women of the Mormon Battalion in honorable remembrance, and that their descendants should rise up and bless their noble ancestors who defended their country at that time."


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